Food contamination side effects may run from gentle to serious and may contrast contingent upon the germ you gulped. The most widely recognized side effects of food contamination are:

Steamed stomach

Stomach issues



The runs


After you expend a tainted nourishment or drink, it might take hours or days before you create manifestations. In the event that you experience side effects of food contamination, for example, looseness of the bowels or regurgitating, drink a lot of liquids to forestall lack of hydration.

At the point when to See a Doctor for Food Poisoning

See your specialist or medicinal services supplier in the event that you have side effects that are serious, including:

Blood in stools

High fever (temperature over 102°F, estimated orally)

Visit heaving that counteracts holding fluids down (which can prompt lack of hydration)

Indications of lack of hydration, incorporating a checked diminishing in pee, a dry mouth and throat, or feeling woozy when holding up.

Looseness of the bowels that keeps going over 3 days.