All things considered, I never gave a moment consideration to the way that rationality is my religion, yet not until Jimson Jaat rang me:

Me: Salaamun Alaykum Wa rahmatullah [May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be unto you]

Jaat: Hello! Ehn! Salaamun Alaykum from Cypher(my penname)?

Me: (gave an unruly giggling) Am I not a Muslim? You're interesting, Jaat...

Jaat: I could always remember that Philosophy is Cipher's religion...

That is the adumbrated rendition of the telephone discussion at the beginning of today and it rendered me a profound idea in the event that I was or am extremely an admirer of logic. Maybe, he implied something different yet I had each motivation to trust his statement. Jaat is one of those identities I venerate; we've completed significantly together which influenced me to presume that he has it in his upstairs.

Aside from the occasions we spent together, he's a sharp spectator of my identity. He delves profound into me and uncovers my very attribute.

Sooner or later, I finished up inside me with a fervor that gave a noisy murmur. Better believe it, rationality is my religion and till death, I'd everlastingly remain a steadfast supporter of this religion.

Being brought into the world a Muslim isn't sufficient for me to touch base at an end that Islam is the best everything being equal. Rising up out of a Christian culture can't fulfill my inclination for truth chasing.

Along these lines, I started to analyze dependent on the found out about my religious perspectives. That is the means by which rationality came in and I bought in my entire to it and discovered that Philosophy gives a superior ground a religious investigator like me.

Our religious heads have longwindedly rebranded facts in the Holy Quran and the Bible. How on earth would an Imam train his supporters to slaughter for God and guarantee Jihad? It never finished there in light of the fact that it's somewhat senseless for a Pastor to tell his congregation individuals that Jesus kicked the bucket for my transgressions.

Obviously, all these could be followed to amazing experts that kept in touch with them down, however what is left of me to know whether God truly told and trained that– Philosophy.

I am too occupied to ever be engrossed with meanings of theory and moreover a sluggish peruser, I'd have barraged us with fine meanings of logic. Rationality is whatever you call it, so long it thinks about distinctly and lands at a reality extensive for a normal personality.

Religions need profound comprehension of its techniques before you could broadcast to be religious or blessed over the span of serving God.

Does Allah need blood to endure that you should murder different spirits for him? On the off chance that an Imam instructed that, won't you have done equity to that viciousness through thinking?

In the event that a Pastor educated you to abhor Muslims since they're agnostics, OK have concurred and misuse mankind?

What at that point is religion without Philosophy?

A few experts don't need you to scrutinize the veracity of Holy Books without which we can't understand God's interpretation of religion.

Being a philosophized personality doesn't mean you have no religion or makes you an agnostic, it implies you take upon yourself, the obligation of checking God's words.

I can't recall how often I have scrutinized my confidence from other religion's perspective. On the off chance that we as a whole can do this, the entire world would be very still.

Some state we shouldn't address God however I ask by what other method might we be able to have comprehended Him without addressing? You think the Holy Quran and Bible are finished without understanding their logic, possibly that is the place you're off-base.

Religion without an unadulterated logic is unmerited. It's difficult for individuals to distinguish my religion since I safeguard what religious narrow minded people don't – humankind.

Your rationality must be founded on humankind as the confidence or faith being referred to is identified with it.

Religion asks you not to drink mixed refreshments and you surrendered to it without addressing? That implies, when your extremist lush requests that you demonstrate that stanza or line, all you'd demonstrate is God said it and there's nothing more to it. It's amusing in light of the fact that you haven't addressed him. You haven't persuaded him to stop that dishonorable demonstrations. In case you're ready to disclose to him the perils of drinking drunkards as identifies with religion regarding blessedness and pulverization to the profound body, you may have won a spirit to the Kingdom of sky.

Many are simply visually impaired adherents and admirers of God. I feel that is one of the damages instruction did to us. You found out about the Law of Gravity and you finished up it finished there?

Same is connected to religion, we neglect to make inquiries and think further what God truly implies. God's words are with the end goal that are en-cyphered for an edified personality to uncover. It's about sign, God converses with those he decides to so as to utilize them for the world.

Have you stopped shaking a Christian since he's of various confidence from yours?

Perhaps, last time you loaded up a transport, you sat with that pretty young lady but since he wore jean pants and had wig on her head, you scowled and moved from her.

O, God! Is this what your religion made us or who we make ourselves to be from it?

Is there any logic behind religion?

In my past work titled Selfolution, I expressed that Selfolution starts with repelling yourself from your conviction to see from other confidence's points of view. In case you're a Muslim, you have the activity of seeing or making a decision about your religion as a Christian. Ask yourself how a Christian would have seen or seen your religion.

You guarantee to be Christian yet you never situated yourself as a Muslim and perceive how they see your religion? Challenge your confidence before some other does as such. That essentially implies apply logic.

My theory has it that, religion is a fixed confidence that aches for your comprehension to increase divine wisdom. It's solitary reasoning of your intuition that would influence you to relate alongside different beliefs, even secularism.

Obviously, skepticism is another religion that demonstrates God's presence from rationales. All nonbelievers put stock in God yet through coordinations and reasons, if your rationality is honed to reason along, you won't have any issue with these people.

When I was in optional school, alongside a dear companion, I led a clamor against banishing Hijab for Muslim understudies since it's a Missionary (Baptist) School. It drove into a lamented emergency that I was welcomed with my team to the State's Police Headquarter in Osogbo. The social event invited individuals from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Muslim Association of Nigeria individuals. They were all older, situated down to determine the emergency and there we stood, youthful however blameworthy the same number of them would assume.

At the point when I.G Olusegun rose, he welcomed, complimented the social occasion before ricocheting on the blameworthy youthful spirits before him.

"I rise up out of a blended confidence family. My dad is a Muslim and my Mother is a Christian. Their kids picked the religion that suit them and here I am today, a Christian. A portion of my kin are Muslims and a few Christians, religion shouldn't be a boundary to our fellowship. At that point, why you, my siblings and sisters in confidence? Why? (near tears).

On the off chance that very nearly the emergency, you lost a spirit, would s/he have guaranteed the Kingdom of God?

Today, I am imploring you to give harmony a chance to rule to control religious emergency and mayhem. Assuming tomorrow, you're cuffed and brought here, you'd beg me however I won't hear you out. You'd request water, I'd whip you..." He reproved.

His words transformed me. He figured out how to my heart and washed down me entirety. From that point forward, I started to see different beliefs as mine yet with wrong supporters and visually impaired admirers. Indeed, even in my religious, we have bigotries and fanatics who still go further to manhandle God while they think they acclaim him for the sake of religion.

Strong God, who am I to battle

For thy course with my tongue and hands

Craftsmanship thou without equity divine

That thou wants to control with my teeth

Despite the fact that givest to him thou choosest

Thy concealed truth that to Man's eyes

Is hidden yet a secret to a few

To look for thee from all that breed lies.