Wisdom of the White Man's

'Rotimi! Rotimi! Rotimi...'

He called over and over.

'Truly sir, I'm coming', I addressed faintly from the lawn and hurried to meet him. I couldn't trust Dad was having a guest.

I was loaded up with satisfaction to see him again however.

'He more likely than not accompany another adventure this time around', I contemplated internally.

I welcomed him decently in a humble doff while he climbed me back up.

'How are you, Rotimi?' he asked as he sat down.

'I'm fine sir, it's been some time sir' I answered.

'Truly, I have been heaved down with work, you realize I barely have sufficient energy to save aside from open occasions this way or when I'm on a vacation...', he tenderly pat me as he said before I cut in just as an aching memory flashed in,

'Goodness, you remind me sir, today is October 1st...' He broke in rapidly,

'It is, and that is for what reason I'm here now to praise our Fatherland at 56'.

Ummm, the announcement continued reverberating at the dividers of my psyche, homeland at 56 and an idea intruded at the forefront of my thoughts, I couldn't pull back it when I asked 'Our country is old sir, 56 years old, I wonder how wrinkled it would take a gander at 100.'

Father frowned and bust into chuckling just to have discovered his companion pondering, perhaps at my remark.

'In any case, that is not all that clever, despite the fact that it seems...Well, Rotimi, our country is more established than 56, its age I can't tell exactly yet being 56 today is only the white men's shrewdness concocted to help us to remember the day we burst autonomy, I never thought of this in any case, isn't that crazy enough?' He answered in a grave soul too clear to even think about reading a few lines in his face.

He got a handle on my wrist, 'you know, white men worship each event commendable or not, the reality being that it's everything the ways white men's astuteness behind our trial.'

I ruminated on his statement, what the hell is white men's knowledge, haven't we shrewdness or normal mind also?

'Sir, as if I was prepared to war the white teeth, 'what shrewdness do we need to be gloat of, aren't there any whatsoever?'

He smiled, looked meagerly loose as he said

'I know where you are driving me to, Africa will be Africa, we're honored truly. Simply that the normal White men's knowledge outperform our African Science...' I cut in forcefully,

'African wharrrrrrr...t? '

'African science, let me sleep and I will reveal to you more.'